Death Registration

Requirements for Death Certificate:

  • a. Passport of the deceased person;
  • b. 2(two) passport size photographs;
  • c. Death/Medical certificate issued by local health authorities;
  • d. Filled up Death Registration application Form; Please click here to find the Death Registration form.
  • e. Fee: Free

Power of Attorney

  • 1. Power of Attorney should be processed in accordance with the laid down rules stated in ‘The Power of Attorney Act-2015’. 
  • 2. Requirement for processing of Power of Attorney:
    • a) Physical presence of the executant(s) at the High Commission to sign in front of the consular officer.
    • b) (two) sets (one original and one photo copy) of unsigned Power of Attorney document completed as per the format (Schedule-Ka, Form-3). Please click for the BANGLA FORMAT or ENGLISH PROFORMA of POA.
    • c) A valid Bangladeshi passport/Foreign passport with No Visa Required (NVR) of all executants.
    • d) Two Copies of recent passport size photograph (colour photo with white background) for each of the executant(s) and attorney.
    • If the deed is related to Land Property, then it is required to submit the copy of updated tax receipt (Dakhila) of respective land and update Record of Rights (Khatian/ Porcha)
    • e) After signing the documents, you need to make a photocopy of the entire document and submit the same at Counter-4 of the consular section for onward submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
  • 3. Attestation of Power of Attorney by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka:
    • The original and photo copy of Power of Attorney document must be attested by the MOFA, Dhaka within 2 months from the date of signing at the High Commission.
  • 4. Fee (Non-refundable): Rs. ________.(per document) Please pay by Debit/Credit card. No Cheque and cash is acceptable.
  • 5. Receiving time: Between 10:00 am- 1:00 pm (Monday –Thursday) and between 10:00 -12:30pm (Friday).
  • 6. Delivery time: Same day delivery.

Note: Power of attorney is not permissible in case of divorce. We shall be able to attest the divorce paper only.



Attestation of Documents

1. What do we attest?

We attest different types of documents that include: educational certificates, mark sheets, transcripts, marriage certificate, birth/death certificate, marital status certificate, guardianship certificate, police clearance certificate, bank statements, translated documents, divorce paper etc. Power of Attorney documents can not be attested as per the instruction of the, 'The Power of Attorney Act-2015.

2. Requirement for Attestation:

  • a) The documents originated in Bangladesh must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka while the documents originated in the INDIA must be attested by MEA, INDIA.
  • b) For attestation of signature, the applicant must come in person with valid passport and a passport size photograph. There is a prescribe form for signature attestation and applicant needs to sign therein in front of the consular officer.

3. Fee (Non-refundable): INR 180. Please pay the fees by bank draft (payable to Bangladesh High Commission,New Delhi , INDIA).

4. Receiving time: Between 10:00 am- 1:00 pm (Monday –Thursday) and between 10:00 -12:30 pm (Friday).

5. Delivery time: Same day delivery, Between 16.00 - 17.00 hrs

Note: Commercial documents are attested by Commercial wing of the High commission ,INDIA.


Police Clearance Certificate

The Police Clearance Certificate for the Bangladeshi citizens residing in abroad is issued from the respective Police Station in Bangladesh. The applicant can apply directly or through nominated relatives to the concerned police station of the permanent residence.

Requirement for Police Clearance Certificate:

  • 1) An application addressed to the Superintendent of Police or Police Commissioner of the concerned district (according to the permanent address of the applicant). A sample of the application is available here.
  • 2) A photocopy of passport duly attested by the consular officer of the High Commission, London. Applicant must submit the copies of passport that bears the particulars of the applicant. Expired passport will not be accepted.
  • 3) Main copy of treasury chalan worth Tk. 500 in favour of code 1-2201-0001-2681 from any branch of Bangladesh Bank/Sonali Bank (home and abroad).
  • 4) If necessary, the police authority may ask for additional documents.

Travel Permit

1. A Travel Permit is issued to a Bangladeshi citizen who does not possess a valid Bangladeshi Passport but intends to return to Bangladesh.

2. Requirements for Travel Permit:

  • a) Duly filled in Travel Permit application form (please click here to find the form).
  • b) Copy of previous passport.
  • c) Digital Birth Certificate.
  • d) Three passport size photographs.
  • e) Physical presence of the applicant at the High Commission for an interview.

3. Fee (non-refundable): INR 1800. Please pay by Bank Draft at the counter. No Cheque or cash is acceptable.

4. Receiving of application: The application is received at the counter between 10:00 am -1:00 pm (Monday-Friday) and between 10:00 am -12:30 pm (Friday).

5. Processing Time: At least 2-3 working days.

6. Delivery time: Between 16:00 - 17.00 Hrs (Monday –Friday).

Note: A Travel Permit is valid for 3 months only.

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