Kacchi Biriyani festival  (Dhakai Biriyani) - Organised by Bangladesh High Commission &  Press club of India



As a cultural melting pot with global eateries, the national capital could well be the frontrunner for food capital of the country. Add to it authentic spices and flavours promoted by diplomatic missions here and you have perfect ingredients for “Food Diplomacy”.

The Mexican Embassy is hosting a fun “Nachos Gone Wild” competition that aims to bring Mexican and Indian taste buds closer. Imagine Desi Nachos Chaat, Rodeo Nachos to Pizzachos — test your knowledge of Mexican cuisine through the embassy’s social media pages and win vouchers to a prominent cafe partnering this spicy tango!

Meanwhile, journalists and diplomats got a taste of authentic Dhakai Kachchi Biryani as the Bangladesh High Commission showcased the country’s culinary skills beyond steamed Hilsa and sweet Sandesh.
High Commissioner Syed Muazzem Ali introduced the legendary biriyani of chef Fakruddin Bawarchi with its origin in old Dhaka at an event hosted by the Press Club of India. Funds collected through sales were donated towards development of the media body.

The chef’s family with outlets in London and New York claims to give Hyderabadi, Lucknowi and Kolkata biriyanis a serious run for money. Cooked only with goat meat in large-size dekchi (utensil), traditional kachchi biriyani is no less a labour of love as preparations begin overnight and the rice, spices and mutton stew in their own juices on low wooden and coal flames for hours.

“If you have to win hearts, the way runs through the stomach,” remarked Muazzem Ali, a veteran diplomat no stranger to people-to-people ties that bind the two neighbours.

On Sunday, Ali flew to Dhaka to receive Vijay Gokhale on his first visit to Bangladesh as Foreign Secretary. More than 14 lakh Bangladeshis visited India last year, highest among foreign nationals, majority for medical purposes.
Not surprisingly, the mission plans to celebrate Pohila Boishakh or Bengali New Year on April 14 with zeal. Bangladeshi cultural group Srishti will perform in Delhi, while envoy’s wife Tuhfa Zaman Ali, an alumnus of JNU, will lead a Mongol Shubha Jatra, a procession in diplomatic enclave of Shantipath showcasing Bangladeshi secular cultural nationalism and usher in a new year of bilateral ties as well.

food festival

Bangladesh High Commissioner Syed Muazzem Ali (second from left) with wife Tuhfa Zaman Ali and others.



Source : http://www.tribuneindia.com



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