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25-8 0:17:12 monir Write in our forum and you will get the reply.
23-8 5:13:49 zazaiy Sir you didn't reply my email and ?
22-8 9:07:22 Shikha Sir, how can I apply onine for IBRN (Interim Birth Registration Number)?
22-8 2:56:52 zazaiy Sir..Bangladesh passport holder is staying in india with valid visa and his passport date for expired is close. so before it expired can be possible to Renew passport from india .Please advise me.
17-8 19:13:43 Prashant if i have bangladesh business visa than can i travel different cities in bangladesh ..?
17-8 19:10:09 Prashant May i ask one thing if i apply visa from delhi to bangladesh chittgaon .so can i take flight from kolkatta to chitgaon..?
17-8 19:08:29 Prashant Dear Sir,
14-8 0:31:17 monir @Khatun : This is a Feedback Section Which is complete opposite of Question / Queries. Please use our forum for queries.
12-8 22:39:17 Khatun Asalaamualaikum/ Hello,

I have a very urgent question regarding the visa's given by yourselves.

I am in abit of a situation where 1 of my family member in the UK is terminally ill who wishes to see someone from bangladesh.
I was wondering how I can proceed with the process without the individual being rejected for visa as I believe he will have to go through yourselves to get the visa.
I have doctors letters stating ny family members critical condition if it would help?

Please get back to me as soon as possible as I have no time to waste.

Thank you.
12-8 15:53:01 monir Please write in our forum if you want a reply for your query. Click on Forum from top menu.
11-8 6:51:58 ShahidRasool My cousin wants to do MBBS in Bangladesh under SAARC Quota. Please help in knowing the procedure for applying and the critical dates and contact persons in Delhi India.
10-8 16:45:21 Nasim123ah I want to Admission in Bangladesh MBBS my PCB marks is 55%
Sir, I am Moniruzzman From dhaka bangladesh. i want to do Basic Mountaineering Course from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. but i listen that bangladeshi are not allow for that. please tell me the procedure how could i took permission to do this traning.
5-8 15:35:59 monir Please write in our forum. Click on Forum from top menu.
29-6 13:32:11 avtup88 Dear Sir/Madam,

I am planning to visit dye+chem 2016 exhibhition which is being held at Dhaka on 31st August to 3rd September 2016, I'm from Tamilnadu State (India).Would like to apply business visa .Please advise to enable me to proceed further.

Head- Marketing
Chemistar Intermediates Pvt Ltd- India
16-5 11:09:33 bhowal_sushant@yahoo I am a Indian citizen and wanted to visit Bangladesh with tourist visa but I have no sponsorship form nor i have any hotel accommodation paper right at this moment, should i eligible tourist visa before i booked hotel in banglaesh, please advise me
11-5 7:36:37 monir @Ari : you have to post your query on our Forum to get a proper reply. Click on Forums from top menu.
9-5 10:10:00 Ari I have Business Visa for 20 days staying with MultipleEntry, Date of Validity is 18th May, Please let me know can I stay in BanglaDesh after 18th ? If I enter before 18th
9-5 10:09:19 Ari Hi Sir
9-5 8:47:53 Ari Hi Monir..
9-5 7:43:24 Ari I have Business Visa for 20 days staying with MultipleEntry, Date of Validity is 18th May, PleasePlease let me know can I stay in BanglaDesh after 18th ? If I enter before 18th?
9-5 7:41:32 Ari Hi Sir,
4-5 9:42:23 monir @Pankajray : You can get the visa by providing an Invitation letter from any of your relatives or acquaintance from Bangladesh.
4-5 6:48:04 pankajray I would like to visit Sylhet in the month of Nov/Dec, kindly do let me know is it necessary to book hotel & Air Ticket, may be I travel on any other mode.
27-4 6:05:30 sanag85 how can i get my marriage certificate attested by bangladesh high commission? I am an Indian citizen married to Bangladeshi citizen.
19-4 10:16:34 monir Hello, You should write your queries in our Forum. Click Forum from top Menu. It would be easy to reply there.
19-4 10:15:59 monir Hello,
13-4 9:19:50 ashwinichandak I am looking to apply for a visa. I am planning to book my tickets to Dhaka on 23rd. Is the embassy open on 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th? Are there any holidays in the week starting 18th? A quick response would help me plan my trip to Delhi for Visa.
6-3 4:59:50 monir NOTICE: Please write your Queries on our Forum. It's easier to answer there and It will help everyone. Click on FORUM from top Menu.
20-2 16:13:31 monir @dhirumpatel:
1. You can't apply online.
2. No Visa free is required for Indian Nationals.
3. Usually 1 day after you submit all the documents required along with the application form.
4. You can apply from any one of the listed Embassies : www.bdhcdelhi.org/index.php/high-commissionn/deputy-high-commissions-visa-offices
5. You can come office directly. You don't have to stand in queue as you are senior citizen.
20-2 10:34:11 suresh_ch1528 chennai city is having the facility
20-2 10:33:54 suresh_ch1528 i would like to apply for toursit visa to bangladesh visit - may i know the details
20-2 10:33:31 suresh_ch1528 hi sir
17-2 6:55:31 dhirumpatel dear officer, me and my wife are from Gujarat & decided to see more than 50 countries of the world, we both had visited more than 10 countries...now wish to visit neighborhood Bangladesh in next 2/3 months.
please reply and oblige our questions below:
1 can we apply online ?
2 what is visitor visa fees ?
3 how much time take place to grant visitor visa ?
4 we are staying in Gujarat... where and how to apply?
5 we are senior citizens (retired from teacher's job) in India, can we get any special benefits to visit Bangladesh ?
please guide and oblige.
we are available on 02664263729 & 08141691582
if you are busy, please forward above message to concern officer & oblige.
thanking you.
17-2 6:54:15 dhirumpatel please send email address to communicate with Bangladesh high commission on mmy email:dhirumpatel@gmail.com
31-1 20:26:30 monir @Jay : I am extremely sorry that you had such an unfortunate experience in Bangladesh Airport. I have forwarded your message to the concerned authority.
28-1 14:34:11 JAY Dear Counslar / Concern,

I am Jay wadhwani director of SANWARIYA PACKAGING PVT LTD., Indore India

I went Dhaka on 26th January evening all the way by traveling from Indore to Dhaka via Delhi & Calcutta by Airindia, reached in evening 8.45 and as i reached to immigration they did not allowed me because the visa is available on my old passport which was damaged due to water last month but the Passport expiry was 15/04/2019.

I have visa number 2014/31314 IND/B for one year multiple entry on old passport which valid upto 07-12-2016 but Dhaka immigration depot me with out any help, all night i was at immigration office and i arranged new ticket from other airlines to come back. I tried to call air india office, bangladesh high commission and indian high commission but all numbers were no reply. no body was there to help. Even no body was there to tell what is depot procedure and how to handle such situations.

In Dhaka a exhibition Asia pharma 2016 is going on at Basundhara exhibition hall and we participated in that, we invested too much money for same. No body at your immigration tried to understand, I showed them all my documents like payment details, exhibition permission, hotel bookings and Exhibition material, Almost 7500 USD we invested for all arrangements.

I just want to know is this the way to handle any situation, i was sitting there like a criminal who cannot go anywhere with out any person from immigration office, this matter can be resolved at Airport, there must be some way if any one stuck in such situation.

I confirmed from India Passport office during process of new passport that the visa is valid or not they confirmed visa is valid, also at Indian immigration they confirmed visa is valid. if there is any such law in Bangladesh that old cancelled passport not valid for visa also than why Indian high commission or Indian immigration is not aware, why we suffer, i cannot explain my 2 days how i spent.

Expecting a proper reply in this regards from your side and hope no one else face such issues again.
18-11 15:01:50 monir No, It's not necessary.
18-11 8:21:00 kumar@aotindia.com is old passport is required while applying visa for Indian national
17-11 12:59:07 monir 1. Yes you can Apply for visa at Mumbai Deputy High Commission.
Visit this link for Address : http://www.bdhcdelhi.org/index.php/high-commissionn/deputy-high-commissions-visa-offices

2. for tourist visa you can submit hotel reservation paper.
17-11 10:06:12 remusmartin123 Hello There,
I am a Indian citizen and wanted to visit Bangladesh with tourist visa. Need certain information regarding visa application.
1) Since I stay in Mumbai, can I apply for visa in Mumbai. I mean to say is there any place in Mumbai where I can apply & collect the Bangladesh visa ?

2) Under Common visa requirement it is mentioned that-(f) Invitation and covering letters are required preferably the original or fax copy……I would like to know is this applicable for tourist visa ?

Appreciate your quick response on the same.
17-11 9:57:08 remusmartin123 Hello There,
4-11 6:14:22 monir @ mohamedyunusazad : Plz check the reply on forum . http://www.bdhcdelhi.org/index.php/forum/for-family-visa
3-11 17:09:32 mohamedyunusazad Greetings..

I am Mohamed Yunus from Tamilnadu, India and working in Dhaka Bangladesh since 2012. In coming year i would like to bring my family to here to Dhaka.(Father, Mother and Wife).

For it, Is it possible to get 6 month VISA for my family ?. If it so please let me know what kind of VISA can I apply for ?

Expecting your positive reply sir

Is it possible for online visa service?
2-11 18:08:58 monir NOTICE : Don't Hesitate to ask questions here or in our Forums. I would be glad to help you. P.s. First you need to register in the website and login to post. You can login with your facebook account too buy clicking on login button from top right followed by Facebook Icon.
2-11 4:44:00 monir Saturday & Sunday Closed
2-11 4:43:52 monir Submission time of visa application : 09.30 – 11.00 a.m (Monday – Friday)

Collection time (following day) : 05.00 p.m (Monday – Friday)
2-11 4:42:04 rupkothaami29 Please let me know the timeing and weekly holiday ..I want to apply for a visa...is Saturday is working day?
1-11 11:22:02 semperfimrn Test
1-11 8:00:13 monir @Guest_2802: Kindly Post the question in our forum. Click on Forum from main menu and post it there. It will help everyone find the solution of the problem easily.
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