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13-5 9:27:22 Javid i am not able to fill the onle visa form of bangladesh in the portal availabe in the website i.e. Machine Readable Visa(MRV) system.
9-5 12:35:39 takrar to whom we have to address the covering letter
3-5 6:45:52 Babu Dear Respected Sir,

I am currently working in Dhaka Bangladesh with E-Visa.
My daughter is studying in Khargarh , Navi Mumbai & her FE type visa has been expired, though I obtained my E- visa, but since her passport was not available with me hence, cant able to obtain her FE type visa along with me.

Since, She will be coming to Dhaka on 22nd May 2017 during her summer vacation, hence need visa.

1) Please let me know how can she obtain FE type visa from Mumbai or Dhaka?

2) If she courier her passport to me in Dhaka, can I apply for her FE type visa from Dhaka? and then courier her back the passport after visa stamping from Dhaka passport office?

3) As I know, visa stamping from Dhaka passport office put a condition of registering with SB office within 7 days of Visa issue,,,can this condition be waived since she is currently out of country now?

4) if the above process is not feasible then can she apply in Mumbai visa office for FE type visa? What is the process and timeline associated?

5) Kindly consider the fact that she is still minor student and girl child alone living in hostel at Khargarh, Navi Mumbai, therefore, is it possible for her to send the passport with my e visa details through a messenger to your good office?
Your kind response will be highly appreciated
21-4 15:01:42 mohit564 do i have to return back from bangladesh before 20 may 2017?
21-4 13:10:53 mohit564 i got my tourist visa today for 30 days. its showing the date of issue-21 April, 2017 and date of expiry-20 may, 2017. i want enter bangladesh on 5 may, 2017, do i have return before 20 may 2017?.
19-4 11:35:43 tchowdhury653@gmail. I am a 65 yrs.old indian citizen wants to visit bĂ ngladesh to meet my family members. I want to go again for a longer period of 1 year. So what are the formalities.
12-4 18:38:44 jamal564 is there holiday on 13th and 14th of april at high commission?
11-4 22:00:39 monir Please contact this no. during office hours : Phone - 011 2412 1389-94
11-4 17:37:31 Sarma :-*
11-4 17:37:06 Sarma i m on official visit
11-4 17:36:50 Sarma what to do now
11-4 17:36:17 Sarma Status : Pending
Logon Application ID : OA0000000383729
11-4 17:35:54 Sarma today i tried to apply for visa..but fail due to server down,,,,is it possible to get my VISA tomorrow
11-4 17:35:11 Sarma hello sir
11-4 11:22:18 Gourkrishnabarman I.m trying to apply online visa but the link are not opening . What can I do for the same?
11-4 4:37:47 mir is there any telephone no where we can reach to u for few queries related to visa
11-4 4:36:00 mir hi good morning
9-4 19:18:27 shakti I want a bangladesh visa
8-4 6:01:48 monir @ALL: Please Click on Visa & Immigration from Top and then click Machine Readable Visa. All info is already written there.
7-4 17:03:37 mohit564 I am going to bangladesh on tourist visa for my relative's wedding .
does he have send his bank statement along with invitation letter?
7-4 12:57:56 mazda can any 1 help me
7-4 12:57:47 mazda need visa for dhaka
7-4 12:57:29 mazda hi team
6-4 16:13:28 Santosh19 I am working in a BANK in India. I have been transferred to Dhaka. How to get work visa.
6-4 11:45:01 monir @jamal564: Scanned copy will do.
5-4 20:07:08 jamal564 @monir
do a e-mailed invitation letter will work for tourist visa
or i have to get a invitation letter by fax?
4-4 6:38:22 kauserrehman How many pages are required for a businessVisa , since i have few pages left in passport , i am worried because i have to travel urgently. please suggest anyone
2-4 21:33:34 monir 3. Invitation letter or Hotel booking paper will do.
2-4 21:33:17 monir 2. You can submit their forms.
2-4 21:32:54 monir 1. Yes
1-4 8:19:44 mohit564 @monir
1). can i use only a dot(.) in the surname section
2). i want to know that i am applying for 3 visas for me, my brother and my mother, so they all have to visit the bangladesh high commission?
3). i am planning to go bangladesh by ground, do i have to submit train tickets?
1-4 7:04:03 monir @sngupta72: Contact this please : Address

1207 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone +880 2-8123788
1-4 7:01:53 monir @mohit564 : Use same name in surname as well as in given name. When you submit the form explain to the counter staff that you had to use surname because the web form does not have keep it blank option.
30-3 17:37:08 mohit564 i dont have surname mentioned in my passport .
And MRV application is not accepting without surname.
Every time i click 'save&next' it asks for surname.
please help me out.
28-3 8:32:38 sngupta72 Hi, Good afternoon. I applied for A3 Visa through application no-OA0000000341410. I submitted hard copy on 14/03/2017 at Delhi. I got E VISA-A0665282. Presently I am in Bangladesh. I want to convert E VISA to A3 VISA. Can you please help me that what is procedure for it.
25-3 18:36:51 monir @Niveditam : Its already written there in the website. Click on Visa & Immigration and then click on Machine Readable Visa (MRV)
21-3 13:30:12 Niveditam is there anyone to answer my queries. its bit urgent
21-3 13:29:53 Niveditam hi
20-3 5:22:36 Niveditam please explain me the process
20-3 5:22:27 Niveditam I am wanting to go to Bangladesh on tourist visa
20-3 5:21:51 Niveditam Hi
17-3 14:48:20 biki Hello sir/ma'am .me and my dad looking for a visa ...bcz our relative who migrate to Bangladesh is in serious position ..so plz contact us immdeadly
17-3 7:24:49 Shalini777 Sir I m a resident of Chandigarh .. i want to apply for tourist visa..kindly tell what amount of money should I take with me to exchange in currency?
17-3 7:20:41 deepaksingh16 hi, i am applying for a business visa from Bangalore do i need a personal visit or it can be online, if yes where i would need to visit and how much time it would this process will take.
14-3 6:51:20 Arunraj66 Hello sir I have tourist visa single entry till 21 April but I already visited bd with visa now I have to go again to bd can I apply visa now or wait till 21 April
13-3 8:34:20 kpradeep I have Bangladesh business visa valid till June 2017 but my passport will expire in April 2017 so I have taken a new passport. Can I travel to Bangladesh now with the visa I have or I need to take the visa again?
12-3 14:22:53 Anthor I have a Bangladeshi passport it's damage and.it's data over and I have resident permit.in my passport.can I travel back ate UK.can you help me to make a plan ticket.(?)
7-3 16:45:24 skumar15 hello sir,
as mentioned in portal that tourist visa is valid for 60 days
but today i received my passport in which visa is valid for 30 days.
my problem is not that it is for 30 days my problem is that when i have attached all the documents like hotel booking n date of travel which was mid of april then y i have received from first week of march to first week of april
please suggest what should i do to get the date extension as i will be only travelling for few day in april mid
plz help
1-3 16:50:35 docsaumen I can't get into the visa application form page....How can i do?
27-2 13:03:45 IAMOLIVE hello sir, I need your help to fill the form online am from kolkata and i need the visa for 30 days,
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