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8:04-- mugokul: good afternoon.
8:08-- mugokul: A email with attachments was sent on 13 september regarding Police clearance certificate in respect of rangubai govind kulkarni and same documents were sent by courier and were received by the high commision on 15 septemer. This was for police clearance certificate from dhaka metropolitan police. i would like to know the status of this application.
6:20-- ajay4500: Dear Sir
6:22-- ajay4500: I want a tourist visa, please confirm which docs required for visa issuence.
15:34-- karthi: machine readable visa is not opening
8:43-- Abhi.deb1993: Dear Sir,
8:44-- Abhi.deb1993: sir, i need a tourist visa ,can you please give me the link from where i can apply online for tourist visa? What is the fees for tourist Visa?
4:07-- Raghavk10: is it mandatory for indians also to bring up flight itineraries with me
5:17-- Jangidsharda811@gmai: Hello sir I would like to visit Bangladesh on a turest perpose about 5day I am live in Jaipur have Indian pass port can you please help me how and where I can get a tourest visa for Bangladesh do you have any office in Jaipur thanks
18:40-- hmbelal: Hello Sir! I live in Kazakhstan. Now I am going to get Kazak green card in next three months.

'No Objection Letter' is one of the most important documents for it which one must be collected from Bangladesh High Commission in New Delhi.

Sir! now I am here in New Delhi. Recently I have attached my some documents from BD embassy in New Delhi but I totally forgot about my 'No Objection Letter' to discuss with any body there.

So, please sir! would you mind to inform me when i shoud come to the embassy to take or discuss about it?
Thanks a lot for your helpful advice.
will be waiting ...
6:28-- imran860: i need a tourist visa online.btt the website is nt opening,can u help me?
6:34-- imran860: & i want to visit bangladesh by my car ,i stay at hooghly west bengal,pls let me know the process
15:53-- mayurisingh: can i submit my visa form and docunents from gujarat ?
9:27-- anuptabla: We are senior Indian citizen couple wanted to visit Bangladesh as a tourist during first week of January 2018 for one week.Could you pls kindly tell us the require documents we need to get the tourist visa for Bangladesh.?Thanks
9:27-- anuptabla: Anup Ghosh &Anita Ghosh
17:09-- AASMAN20: I am from South India, Chennai - Tamilnadu. I would like to apply for Bangladesh visa, do I need to physically come to High Commission in Delhi ?, or is there any other way I can apply ?
6:27-- mirghazi: Greetings Sir
6:29-- mirghazi: I am Dr Khalid Ghazanfar Mustafa working as a Post Doctoral Fellow at Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Sringara, Jammu and Kashmir, India-190006 under the fellowship of NPDF (Science and Engineering Research Board, Govt of India) has to attend and present my work at 18th International Congress of International Society for Ethnopharmacology & the 5th International Congress of the Society for Ethnopharmacology to be held at University of Dhaka Bangladesh. in this connection i need visa for the same. Sir, kindly help me by sending the procedure and kindly inform about the approximate time to receive the visa. Can i apply online as i am hailing from remote area of Jammu and Kashmir and the most convenient mode will be online. I am hereby attaching the invitation letter and my Pass port from the concerned authorities, sir please let me know if anything else is needed.
6:03-- chevyblr: hi
6:03-- chevyblr: i am from bangalore
6:03-- chevyblr: i need bangladesh pcc for australia visa
6:04-- chevyblr: please advise how i can go about it
4:15-- maneesh.bhardwaj: I am from Ludhiana and need to apply for Bangladesh Business Visa. Do I need to come to Delhi for that. if yes, can you provide me holiday list for 2018
6:23-- Tariq789: Sir how much time it will to get the visa for Bangladesh after I have applied online.Should I have to come personally or I can send any other person with passport.
6:23-- Tariq789: thanks
5:54-- Jenis: Hello..
5:55-- Jenis: My friend is in Dhaka and he is a citizen of Bangladesh. He is inviting me for visiting Bangladesh. So if I'm gonna stay at his house.. What procedure I have to follow to get visa..
7:46-- duttashilpa: Hi , i have submitted the visa form, please confirm how to do i make changes in that form?
7:58-- TIR_LL: hi
7:59-- TIR_LL: I do not submit my form
7:59-- TIR_LL: visa form
5:35-- destinationpoint: HII
5:36-- destinationpoint: CAN I CHECK MY VISA STATUS ONLINE?
4:43-- sanjeetsodhi: Error comes while opening online visa application form. What should i do to apply? Plz advice..
13:48-- parth50@rediffmail.c: Dear Sir,
13:50-- parth50@rediffmail.c: I have been visiting BD SINCE 5 YRS. IS IT MANDATORY TO SUBMIT VISA APPLICATION ON LINE ? KLY CONFIRM.Parth Sarathi India

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