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Sunday, 01 November 2015

Bangla New Year's Celebrations 1422

Pahela Baishakh 1422.
Celebrating the arrival of Spring and the commencement of the Bangla New Year with Baul, Sufi and Mystic Songs from Bangladesh. Eminent Baul proponent Farida Parveen and her team to render an evening of music and poetry at the Maitree Hall, Bangladesh High Commission

Sunday, 01 November 2015
Image ID: 11150762_987738644571836_5623282990036540915_n.jpg
Image ID: 10562642_987739481238419_8552423364355572723_o.jpg
Image ID: 10608409_987739814571719_2972686540425623142_o.jpg
Image ID: 10608409_987740057905028_1817696966461259913_o.jpg
Image ID: 10630612_987739807905053_6781858103316389341_o.jpg
Image ID: 10830540_987739424571758_7616305680894629608_o.jpg
Image ID: 10837993_987738691238498_705517914309971812_o.jpg
Image ID: 10866116_987738694571831_3707913233793046677_o.jpg
Image ID: 10887338_987739467905087_8321756702364370093_o.jpg
Image ID: 11000882_987739711238396_2658395971574514197_o.jpg
Image ID: 11037912_987738887905145_7493792863836136850_o.jpg
Image ID: 11039827_987738967905137_7809409181967238467_o.jpg
Image ID: 11071417_987740061238361_6584773869397055500_o.jpg
Image ID: 11079554_987739647905069_3949315952892417731_o.jpg
Image ID: 11083733_987738791238488_3229410750891993576_o.jpg
Image ID: 11083815_987738781238489_7114225909719478941_o.jpg
Image ID: 11087809_987739091238458_6560194307013129182_o.jpg
Image ID: 11087949_987738951238472_2485216564514697902_o.jpg
Image ID: 11088433_987740237905010_8190598856962385039_o.jpg
Image ID: 11088496_987739661238401_7754105591859119911_o.jpg
Image ID: 11090873_987739067905127_314612117329813286_o.jpg
Image ID: 11099587_987739357905098_18308038059043842_o.jpg
Image ID: 11112840_987739571238410_2763812505056271104_o.jpg
Image ID: 11128680_987739787905055_965675156776383174_o.jpg
Image ID: 11129687_987739557905078_7972385758952657839_o.jpg
Image ID: 11130235_987738661238501_1338141036587412510_n.jpg
Image ID: 11133887_987738657905168_8784528246784362344_o.jpg
Image ID: 11136218_987739897905044_4425574141687962863_o.jpg
Image ID: 11136220_987738811238486_7401878464892758068_o.jpg
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Image ID: 11146675_987738917905142_3473890139166122075_o.jpg
Image ID: 11149750_987738881238479_5223443485503466531_o.jpg
Image ID: 11154575_987739004571800_7595480052782490890_o.jpg
Image ID: 11154582_987738701238497_7838929365717468025_o.jpg
Image ID: 11154719_987739154571785_286409783111992103_o.jpg
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